Starsearchers Preview Starsearchers Preview

Michael Lash: When Dean expressed interest in drawing STARSEARCHERS, he requested a short 5 or so page story. When I asked him what he wanted to draw, he said weird exotic locales and creatures. This was my challenge as a writer, so I came up with Overthink’s little invention, which is a big deal because teleportation doesn’t yet exist in the Starsearchers universe. This sequence will be worked into the series at some point. I think it turned out excellent and was particularly impressed by how Dean’s mastery of coloring bypassed the need for the pencils to need inks, as well as his usage of panels.

Dean Lee: Okay, the 7 page preview is posted! Please let Lash and I know what you think.

I found myself getting more and more comfortable with doing sequentials as I worked on them. In fact, I began to enjoy investigating ways to make the sequences be even more interesting than my first instinct. This, I hope will only continue and improve with more time/effort.

I’m SO glad this is happening!